Who are we?

Lacey and Becky - editedWe have a genuine desire to create spaces that transform the way people feel – whether it’s feeling comfortable enough to be creative at work or staging a space that lets a new buyer“It all started over a few Bloody Mary’s . . .” imagine themselves living there – good design makes us feel better about everything! Hi 5 Design Lab is owned by two pals – Becky Warton and Lacey Hoff that have worked on projects spanning residential interiors, commercial interiors, event design and production and styling/visual merchandising. We started this venture (over a couple of Bloody Mary’s) based on respect for each other’s design aesthetic… and well, it seemed more fun than doing it alone.

Whether you need staging for a loft, have a new office that needs get decked out, or you need your place to look good before your in-laws come for Christmas – we’d love to help! We pride ourselves on having good design sensibilities and are easy to work with to boot.

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